5 Questions to Ask Before You Sign a Facility Maintenance Contract

Facility Maintenance ContractKeeping your building clean and well maintained is a key factor in ensuring your business remains competitive and profitable, so choosing a facility maintenance contractor is a decision that should not be taken lightly. While it may be tempting to select the contractor who offers the lowest price, that’s a tactic that could wind up costing you much more than you bargained for, especially if that lower cost means inferior materials or poor work habits.

To make sure you’re getting the best value – that is, excellent service for an affordable price – there are a few factors you should take into consideration:

1. Is the staff trained, and is training conducted only once or is it ongoing?

Even the best, most advanced tools and techniques are worthless if the workers aren’t trained in their proper use. Ask the contractor if they supply training for the workers and if that training is ongoing or if it occurs only once. Ideally, you want to know that the people who are working on your facility are receiving ongoing training as new tools or responsibilities are added. When training is provided, ask about the type of training they provide and whether or not they keep records of the training that’s been completed.

2. Is the equipment the contractor uses up-to-date?

equipment the contractor uses up to dateBetter equipment typically means better results. At the very least, having top-quality equipment that’s well maintained can mean greater efficiency, which in turn can result in big cost savings for you. What’s more, inferior or broken-down equipment can be a sign that the company is in financial trouble or doesn’t care about the quality of the work it performs.

3. Ask about experience.

How long has the contractor been providing the services you’re interested in? What type of specific experience do they have? Can they provide you with references that you can contact so you can learn about their work firsthand? Does the contractor have any special certifications?

4. Can they accommodate needs that change quickly?

A truly professional contracting company understands that businesses may have needs that change rapidly, and they’ll be willing – and able – to accommodate those changes. Typically, companies that are more experienced will be more flexible when it comes to altering their duties or adding work responsibilities.

5. Are the workers supervised?

What is the ratio of supervisors to workers? Does it vary based on the job? How often is work inspected? Who performs inspections? Who determines if work is being performed correctly? How often are inspections conducted? Frequent inspections are important to ensure work remains on schedule and on budget, and to make sure a high level of quality is maintained. Inspections can also enable a supervisor to make recommendations for improvements or services that can result in cost savings for you.

Your facility’s maintenance has a direct bearing on how profitably and efficiently your business operates. Although it may be tempting, don’t select a contractor based just on price. Instead, take some time to ask a few questions so you can be sure to select the facility maintenance contractor that represents the best value for your needs and budget.

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