5 tips for the Most Successful Retail Renovation Design

Renovating your retail space is a powerful way to increase sales and grow your customer base, but knowing where to begin and how to get the best results can be overwhelming. These tips will help you make sure your retail renovation project runs smoothly and produces the results you’re hoping for:

1. Do some research.

If you’re not sure what elements will work well in your space or for your products, do a little window shopping to look at what other, similar retailers have done. Take notes, but be mindful of the space differences between your store and the one you’re looking at. Sometimes what works well in one space – or for one group of customers – won’t work as well for your own business. Things to consider: Your store’s space restrictions including elements your renovation won’t change like location of restrooms; your store’s location; the types of products you’re offering; and the types of customers you’re hoping to attract.

2. Consider your brand.

Retail Renovation DesignIdeally, you want your renovation to enhance your brand identity. Window and door placement, floor material and ceiling design can all have a much bigger influence on your final design and your brand than you may imagine. Again, your contractor can be a great resource for ideas. Also look at other stores and consider making a storyboard during the planning phase with pictures of design elements you think would work for your brand. Remember, the “feeling” you create can be a critically important factor in motivating a customer to make a purchase, so consider your brand carefully during planning.

3. Go with the flow.

The layout of your store is one of the most critical elements to consider. Many smaller stores use freestanding walls to create the illusion of separate spaces or rooms; other stores prefer open layouts so a customer can scan the entire space – or most of it – upon entering. Most important, make sure it’s easy for customers to move throughout your store so shopping isn’t an unpleasant ordeal.

4. Light it up.

Light it upLighting is a big part of setting the “mood” for your store, and it can also be used to highlight specific spaces or products. From hanging pendants to track lighting to built-in or recessed fixtures, your lighting design and style choices are virtually endless. Many stores use ambient lighting for the main store areas and spotlights to highlight certain areas where specific products are features. Again, consider the feeling you’d like to create and then think about lighting can be used to enhance that feeling.

5. Look for an experienced and reliable commercial contractor.

Experienced commercial contractors have the skills to make sure your project runs smoothly and on time. They also understand the building regulations that will apply to your project. And just as importantly, when you choose a contractor that’s experienced, you get access to a knowledge base of previous projects – design ideas and other tips that can help your project look even better while also ensuring you steer clear of potential pitfalls.

Renovating your retail space is exciting – but it can also be nerve-wracking. Choosing a contractor early in the process can help aid in ensuring your design addresses all the elements necessary for success.

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