LEED Certification and Commercial Construction

Environmentally responsible building practices have become much more common during the last twenty years. Architects, contractors and property owners have found that ecological design is not only good for the environment, it saves money, too. “Green” buildings cost less to manage and operate and have significantly lower utility bills. For many, the challenge is figuring … Read more

Ontario Legislation- Access for People with Disabilities

 Enabling Access for All Workers Ontario is a leader in protecting Canadians’ equality of rights. It was the first province to legislate a Human Rights Code in 1962. In 1985, the Canadian Human Rights Act became law nationwide which prohibits discrimination based on mental or physical disability. It defines the responsibilities of organizations to improve … Read more

Why is it Important to Maintain Brand Authenticity?

Brand names! They’re everywhere from the chic wrap dress you buy at the mall to the organic granola you have for breakfast. Brands are ubiquitous in daily life, so much so that on the rare occasion you purchase something without an identifiable logo, advertising campaign and well-established name many of us are thrown off. But … Read more