4 Surefire Ways to Rid Your Walkway of Snow and Ice

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of keeping your commercial walkways free of snow and ice this winter. Ice-free walks not only reduce the chance of insurance claims, but, more importantly, keep your clients, customers and employees safe and free from slips and falls. As the entryway to your building, a clear and clean walkway is also a sign to the public that you care about your customers.

You may opt to do all of your own ice and snow clearing or hire a commercial snow removal company to do it for you. Either way, here are some of the best way to keep sidewalks clear of ice and snow.

Treated Salt and Treated Sand

There are several different types of bagged deicers on the commercial market. They are all fairly easy to use. Treated salt is basically rock salt, sodium chloride, with additives that help it work more quickly and at lower temperatures than plain rock salt. It’s a good choice for a fast-acting sidewalk deicer.

Treated sand is similar to treated salt, but with the addition of sand for added traction. If you have a shaded walkway that tends to stay icy and slippery, treated sand can be a good choice. It is also useful for service entries where delivery staff or employees may have their arms full and need extra safety measures. It will have to be reapplied after fresh snowfall and tends to be somewhat messy.

Eco-friendly Deicers

If you are concerned about the impact of deicers on aquatic systems or planting beds adjacent to your walks, you might select an environmentally friendly deicer. They work very well at low temperatures, are less corrosive that traditional mixes and are safer around animals. The cost is a bit higher, but the benefits are worth it.

Mechanical Snow Removal

Of course, with a big snowfall, you will have to get out a snow shovel or snow blower. As soon as you have finished, lightly apply one of the deicers listed above. That will keep a thin coat of compacted snow from turning into slippery ice.

Sidewalk Maintenance Companies for Snow Removal

All of the products listed above require time and effort on your part. The more walkways you have, the more work it will take to keep them ice free for the winter. Servcon’s snow removal services allow you and your employees to keep up with the main focus of your business instead of spending time on property management.

A snow removal contract keeps you from worrying about which product to use in which location. Our experienced contractors will have the best solution, whether it’s mechanical or chemical removal. If your property has a private parking area, it only makes sense to use snow removal services and have us keep your sidewalks clear at the same time.

Snow and ice are a fact of life in Ontario during the winter. To keep your commercial sidewalk snow free, a combination of methods is often best. Keeping bags of a couple of different types of deicers on hand along with our phone number keeps you covered and your walkways clear.

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