A Company That Can Handle Design, Project Management and Commercial Construction

A professional contractor can help you sort through this maze!

Photo credit to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomsaint/

The usefulness of a contracting company that can handle your commercial building project from beginning to end is your chance to have a full service team that really understands the construction business. Knowing all three phases: design, project management and construction will make them the best suited company to meet your needs as they will know the entire process intimately.

The first phase of any project is design. Having a designer around who knows the next two phases will be one who is better able to save you money. They’re not just an artist or idea person, they will be a construction professional who knows the business.  The best will adapt to your requests and exhibit these key elements:

  • Highlight your unique style and brand
  • Meet all local building codes and other regulations. This will include NFPA96, ESA and barrier free design
  • Design a functional work-space that optimizes efficiency by meeting your operational requirements
  • Be considerate of the environmental impact of the building and achieve LEED certification

The second phase is project management and it is so much more than just having a ‘boss’ for the contractors. This is best met by someone who has exceptional organizational and planning skills. A building project has professionals from many different specialties coming in. A project manager will have to know who has to come in first and who needs to come in at each point in time during the construction. This will include a skillful management of all tradespeople, finding the right materials at the best price and constantly solving problems before they ever even happen.

The last phase is the actual construction. Having an experienced team of construction professionals working on your building from the very beginning will save you money. How? The communication flow through one company is much more efficient than multiple ones. When things get missed in the construction business it is never good, it can lead to fines for missed permits and work stoppage orders. Go with a one stop design, project management and construction company to eliminate these types of issues and get your building done on time.

If you determine you want this kind of service from a trusted company contact us at Servcon today. We’ll do it all from start to finish!