Quality Engineering and Project Management for Commercial Construction

Regardless of magnitude, a construction project requires exceptional management practices to ensure objectives are met on time. Project completion is contingent on a number of factors including; scope, time frame and funding.  Construction timelines often change due to unforeseen conditions. When this occurs, new solutions must be implemented in a timely manner to avoid further complications or delays. Servcon’s unmatched project management services will ensure that you reach your objectives by adjusting to the new conditions.

Quality Engineering and Project Management

Commercial construction projects demand precise technical skills and project management. These areas include:

  • Project development.
  • Identifying roles and duties.
  • Monitoring and coordinating tradespeople.
  • Controlling schedules, performance and completion of timelines.
  • Determining the required project materials and resources.
  • Identifying and analyzing problems.
  • Implementing project phases with regular monitoring and quality testing at every step.

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Project Management

Achieve Your Business Objectives with Skilled Project Management Services

If you want to ensure your construction project is skilfully planned and proceeding according to schedule, trust Servcon’s extensive project management experience. We accurately manage time, costs and resources to make certain your goals are being met with the use of the right tools and techniques. Our project management services help to identify problems as they occur, so corrective measures can be implemented immediately.

Our technicians, contractors and project managers are certified and trained to follow all building regulations and standards. We have many years of experience in the project management field, and we’l make sure your specific design/build requirements are met in the most cost effective manner.

Many businesses rely on Servcon’s project management services for their construction projects, and here’s another reason why:

“Over the years, Telstorm has worked with Servcon on a wide variety of projects pertaining to, but not limited to both private and public sectors…They have shown that they are adept at satisfying client needs by upholding scheduling commitments, and are fully capable of containing construction costs within established project budgets…Working with Servcon has surpassed our expectations and needs and as such, they come highly recommended.”
– Maria Tata, P. Eng. Principal, Telstorm Corporation

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